Vocational Training

Working Hard: A Philosophy

After students leave high school, they need to be ready to accomplish real things. They need something more than textbooks and homework. They need the experience of real practical work. In our Vocational Program, we try to make the work as real as possible. It’s not just some theoretical thing that they do in a classroom. It’s practical work that has real-world application.

While school is in session, every student is required to participate in work training for 15-17 hours per week. This is a part of the Career and Technical Development. Students will be given a Career and Technical Development Certificate documenting their performance while here at Fountainview Academy. Students receive up to 500 hours/year of practical.

Regardless of what a student does after they graduate from Fountainview, they will want to get a job. Our goal is to provide sufficient work experience so that when a student leaves here they will have the ability to earn a living or to land a good job. They are able to say that they’ve spent 500 hours working with metal or in the auto shop or in the cafeteria. While working, they are not fired when they make a mistake, instead, they are corrected and taught how they can better serve the organization and how they can be better workers. All students are given various assignments based on campus needs and the discretion of the work coordinator.

Student Testimonies

Students share their experiences and what they learned working in the various departments here at Fountainview Academy.


“I enjoy working on the farm because you learn how to work efficiently. You have the opportunity to work with your friends by sorting carrots and squash, harvesting, or weeding.”



“I love working in the cafeteria because it gives me the chance to experience large-scale cooking, as well as learning new techniques on preparing good vegan food.”



“I love working in the media department because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and express myself through design. It also gives me the chance to bless others through the projects I work on.”



“I appreciate working in the shop because there is a broad variety of things to learn like: how to change tires, oil and fuel filters, as well as taking buses apart and putting them back together. My supervisor is always patient, kind, and willing to explain .”



“I enjoy working in the studio because it has given me invaluable experience in studio recording and audio editing. It also gives me the opportunity to bless others through the music I edit.”


Music Office

“I love working in the music office because I have a passion for music and I have the chance to provide opportunities for others to develop similar passions.”