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Here at Fountainview Academy, it is our mission to display the love of Christ in a way that shows He is relevant and appealing. However, we cannot stop there. It is our aim that through the students, we can reveal the truth to the world. It is our desire that our students will grow spiritually, not exclusively through study and prayer, but also by sharing. At Fountainview Academy, Christian living, a desire to develop the faculties of the intellect and cultivating each student’s talents for the Lord are at the centre of our focus.

We embrace our unique academic program that has been carefully patterned after the principles found in the book “Education” by Ellen G. White. This means that we incorporate meaningful work into our schedule alongside time spent aiming towards academic achievements.

It is our ambition that Fountainview’s atmosphere provides, and will continue to provide, a safe and peaceful environment where students can grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Although Fountainview is a mosaic of people from different cultures and various backgrounds, it is an international community of Christians who strive together towards the highest calling: serving the Lord, wherever He may ask us to go.

Our Story

It begins in the year 1975 when God inspired several Adventist laymen with a vision: to start a boarding school whose foundation was modeled after the principles found in Ellen G. White’s “Education”.

And so, this dream was born into reality when these first founders transformed the old Earlscourt Farms estate in British Columbia into a school. Although it was only a fledgling experiment in education at the time, God blessed their efforts and the first enrollment of students launched this journey.

With the passage of time, many things have changed such as our school’s location, it's industries, and the students who walk our grounds. Yet there is one thing that has remained the same and always will: our focus to give young people the opportunity to develop their relationship with Jesus.

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