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At Fountainview Productions, our sole purpose is to spread the Gospel through media.

Fountainview Productions Team

Who we are:

Our team is a group of dedicated staff and students from Fountainview Academy who pour their time and effort into planning, filming, and editing our productions.

What makes our music different?

Our music is unique because it conveys a message that the entire world needs to hear. Also, our music is orchestrated or arranged by the students themselves. Intertwined with personal testimonies, the end result is something that has blessed many and blessed us as we see how God has worked. In the end, Fountainview Academy students get firsthand experience in orchestrating, performing, recording, and filming the music.

Why have we decided to film our music?

At Fountainview Academy, staff and students travel far and wide performing in venues from convention centers to churches.  We have realized that our audience is somewhat limited due to the fact that we can only perform a finite number of concerts. In addition, the incorporation of God’s beautiful creation into our music produces a fantastic and powerful collage of music, beautiful scenery, and a powerful message of love from a God who cares about each one of us. These productions, as conveyed through television, DVD, and CD, effectively bring the Gospel into the homes of many who aren’t able to come out to our concerts and may not know our loving savior, Jesus Christ.




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