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Fountainview Academy Orchestra & Singers — Spring Tour 2016

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Scripture Singer

Scripture Singer is designed to make memorization of the Bible easy and effective. This simple app provides you with the convenience of learning scriptures anywhere and at any time, and gives you the freedom to go at whatever pace you like. It allows you to effortlessly memorize parts of the Bible by combining scripture with music. A review setting is also available so you can refresh your memory on previously learned texts. Additional features include speed adjustment for the rate at which you learn songs, and more.


Available on Apple iOS devices and Android devices as well as directly from our website, Scripture Singer allows you to listen to and memorize scripture anytime, anywhere. 


Designed by Fountainview Academy students, Scripture Singer utilizes the performance of modern mobile technology while maintaining a usable, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.


From the Spirit of Prophesy and science we learn of the effect of music on our minds. Here at Fountainview Academy, we believe that integrating scripture into the power of uplifting music is the ultimate method to hiding God’s word in our hearts.

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel to see an assortment of videos from many of our DVD productions!

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What Do We Do?

Live Concerts

Each school year, Fountainview devotes several weeks to evangelism and outreach. Much of this time is spent in live concerts at locations around the globe. Our most frequent concert tours take us along the west coast of North America. To see our tour schedule for this year, CLICK HERE.


At Fountainview Academy, we believe that music media ministry is a powerful tool for outreach. In filming all around the world as well as recording songs in our home audio studio, we strive to make outreach tools that can spread out past the reach of our live concerts.

Scripture Singer

We look around us and we see a world that in dire need of a deeper understanding of the word of God. Developed and maintained by Fountainview students, Scripture Singer is a platform that is easy and convenient to hide God’s word in our hearts.

Fountainview Productions

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