Subjects & Courses


Principle’s message

Fountainview is a training ground for a wide range of workers in God’s cause.  Students may go from here to a university, a trades program, or directly into the work force as a Bible worker or a mechanic.  Our academic program has to meet the needs and requirements of students called by God to any of these paths. As we continually seek to implement the Lord’s directions in the book Education, we’ve been blessed with positive results.  Our scores on government exams have been significantly above the average for students across British Columbia (which has one of the highest-rated educational systems in Canada and even worldwide), and the percentile of our average score on the ACT test (for college-bound American students) has been 20 points above average. Whether they’re called to be an engineer or a missionary, a pastor, a vegan chef, or a doctor, it’s thrilling to work with fantastic young people who sincerely desire to serve the Lord.
Baird Corrigan
Principal, Fountainview Academy

Subjects & Courses

Grade 10

  • Bible 10
  • English 10*
  • Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10*
  • Science 10*
  • Social Studies 10
  • Choir and/or Orchestra 10
  • Physical Education 10
  • Planning 10***

Grade 11

  • Bible 11
  • English 11
  • Pre-Calculus 11
  • Chemistry 11
  • Social Studies 11*
  • Choir and/or Orchestra 11
  • Physical Education 11
  • Planning 10***

Grade 12

  • Bible 12
  • English 12**
  • Health 12
  • One or two elective courses
  • Choir and/or Orchestra 12
  • Physical Education 12
  • Planning 10***
  • Graduation Transitions***

These courses have required governmental exams which account for 20% of the student’s final mark. **This course has a required government exam which accounts for 40% of the student’s final mark. ***The Planning 10 course and Graduation Transitions are integrated into the other parts of our program. By the time a student completes grade 12, he/she will have completed the Planning 10 and Graduation Transitions courses. These courses will fulfill the BC graduation requirements, as well as those set by Fountainview Academy. For a more detailed description of the BC graduation requirements, please contact the Principal or visit the Ministry of Education website at


     A school exists to teach. Knowledgeable instructors who can effectively convey information and inspire students are necessary to achieve this goal and thus instill useful abilities in their pupils. Fountainview has strived for excellence in this regard by searching out teachers who meet these qualifications, but who are also intimately connected with Christ. This strategy has proved fruitful in providing a top-notch scholastic program. In addition to this, mentors and supervisors with experience in countless fields are available, and they seek out opportunities to teach and guide the students. Instead of facing a bleak future unprepared, graduates of Fountainview are equipped with skills that will carry them in whatever direction God leads. I plan on studying computer science at Southern Adventist University, and I know that I have been prepared to face the challenges that will arise from this endeavour, whether they are issues of time management, critical thinking, or teamwork. I can recommend the program because my experience has shown me that Fountainview is dedicated to providing excellent education and will continue preparing its students for success.

Matthew J.

Class of 2018