In Patriarchs and Prophets, Ellen White states that a part of every day should be spent in active work. Also the Bible tells us that: “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much” (Luke 16:10 KJV). When we learn to cheerfully perform the most menial, seemingly insignificant tasks, whether it be drying dishes in the cafeteria, pulling weeds in the carrot field, or scrubbing showers in the dorm, our characters are molded and shaped into ones that are ready to perform any task God entrusts us with.

Vocational Training


“I enjoy working on the farm because you learn how to work efficiently. You have the opportunity to work with your friends by sorting carrots and squash, harvesting, or weeding.”

-Vitor C

Vocational Training


“I love working in the cafeteria because it gives me the chance to experience large scale cooking, as well as learning new techniques on preparing good vegan food.”

-Jasmin R

Vocational Training


“I enjoy working in the office because I have the opportunity to interact with people over the phone. I also get to learn office related skills that will help me in my future career. Having the responsibility of working in the office helps me manage my time in all areas of my life.” -Miguel G

Vocational Training


“I love working in the media department because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and express myself through design. It also gives me the chance to bless others through the projects I work on.” -Heidi A

Vocational Training


“I like working as a custodian because I can take responsibility for myself and my work and I get a chance to organize things and keep the campus clean.” -Elisabeth K

Vocational Training


“I enjoy working on campus because I get to work outside in the fresh air. You also get the chance to work on everything from landscaping and pruning, to orchards and fruit.” -Seth S

Vocational Training

Music Office

“I love working in the music office because I have a passion for music and I have the chance to provide opportunities for others to develop similar passions.”

-Miranda D

Vocational Training


“I enjoy working in maintenance because it’s very educational and you are trusted with a variety of responsibilities. You also get to learn about carpentry, appliances and fixing general breaks.” -Eric S

Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Vocational Training


“I enjoy working in accounting because I have the opportunity to learn about money management in a beneficial atmosphere where my supervisor is able to teach me valuable lessons about management while at the same time important Christian applications.” -Reytzel C


“I love working in the greenhouse because I get to work with plants, have the opportunity to see their growth throughout the year and learn valuable skills.” -Andres C


“I appreciate working in the shop because there is a broad variety of things to learn like: how to change tires, oil and fuel filters, as well as taking buses apart and putting them back together. My supervisor is always patient, kind and willing to explain .” -Julia G


“I enjoy working in the studio because it has given me invaluable experience in studio recording and audio editing. It also gives me the opportunity to bless others through the music I edit.”

–Cameron T