Policies Page




Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to allow a simple way for parents to take their student(s) out of school/work when they need to, without having to go through a time-consuming approval process for normal situations.  The policy is not intended to be viewed as a bank of vacation days for students, to be taken or lost.  If many parents used all of their available DEAs in a given semester, the school program would not be able to handle the absences.  So, DEAs are intended for situations where parents need to take their child from school/work, and not used if not needed.

Beyond such unavoidable circumstances as medical needs, weddings, or scheduled family business, it is understood that sometimes there is a need simply for family time, so DEAs may be used for this as well.  They are not to be used for students to spend time away from school with other students or with non-family.

  • Students whose grades in academic courses (everything other than PE and music) from the previous term (if taken at Fountainview) are all at or above the cutoff (73%) will have 5 discretionary excused absence days (DEAs) available for the semester. Students whose lowest grade in an academic course is below the cutoff will have 2 DEAs for the semester.
  • Students who have not yet completed a term at Fountainview will have 2 DEAs for their first semester. Their grades in academic courses will be assessed midway through the first term.  If these grades are all at or above the cutoff, an additional 3 DEAs will be granted.
  • Days missed because of sickness while at school, or because of school-arranged trips (such as school-arranged medical appointments, field trips, etc.) will not require the use of a DEA.
  • DEAs are to be used at the discretion of the student’s parents/guardians, whose permission is required for a student to leave the campus. Absences will automatically be deducted from the DEAs available for the student, until the available DEAs have been expended.
  • Permission from the Leadership Team is required to use more than 3 DEA’s on consecutive school days (for example: Thursday, Friday, and Monday would be 3 consecutive school days).
  • DEAs are not to be used on any of the following days, unless an exception is granted by the Leadership Team based on a specific need:
  1. During provincial exam weeks (end of each semester) for students who have exams scheduled
  2. During tours (day tours or overnight tours), filming days, or music training weekends
  3. During Week of Prayer, Convention/Graduation Weekend, or the week preceding Convention/Graduation Weekend. During the week preceding Convention/Graduation, grade 12 students may use a DEA for one work period provided they work Friday morning instead.
  4. During Opening Campout, Bonding Weekend, or other similar events
  5. Immediately preceding or following a school break.
  • In order to avoid having too many students absent on the same day(s), the school may occasionally deny the use of a DEA on other dates as well.

For absences beyond the allotted number of DEAs, and for absences during 1-5 (above) for which an exception has not been granted, a penalty of $85 per day will be charged.  This penalty is in addition to any transportation charges incurred.