Grand Piano Replacement

Grand Piano Replacement 


Our current piano has endured over twenty years of constant use. From piano practice to filming projects, church services to concert rehearsals, our piano has been a vital asset to just about everything we do at Fountainview. Day after day despite failing parts, deadening strings, and it’s highly-worn condition, we still heavily depend upon its services. Unfortunately, it it because of its aged condition and the many challenged we are facing that we realize it it time to move on and begin the search for a replacement.

Piano Tuner Report

I would like to propose that the current state of the grand piano in the Chapel is now at such a point that serviceability and musicality have reached a rock-bottom level of condition.

It is a brand and model is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate in terms pf availability, technical progress, style, and service procedure.

Another factor, due to environment, is that the glue joints in the action parts are starting to fail, causing looseness and clicking noise.

Some features that are increasingly troublesome to manage are the pin-block, bridge design, and bass strings. It is getting next to impossible to finesse the pins for fine tuning.

The bass strings are starting to deaden off due to wire fatigue, and the bridge design, cause difficulties in rendering the strings.

In General, i would have to say that the current highly worn condition, and non-conventionality of the design warrant a serious look at replacement the near future.

Estimated Replacement Cost $40,000