2020 Christmas Live Stream Concert

2020 Christmas Concert

A Worldwide Opportunity to Share

We are taking what could be considered unfortunate circumstances (travel restrictions) and turning them into amazing opportunities. Instead of participating with selected churches and venues as we do on a typical Christmas concert tour, we will be live-streaming our special concert to the world from our very own Fountainview chapel.

Our event plan includes full marketing, concert production, audience engagement, DVD/CD product development, and follow-up with those participants who register.

To facilitate a live-stream concert from our campus, audio/visual upgrades and other media production considerations need to be taken into account. We are estimating production costs for this concert to be between $25,000 to $35,000 Canadian.

Most of this investment will fulfill a dual purpose; any upgrades to our Chapel production capability will positively impact all future in-house streaming events, such as vespers, sermons, week of prayer meetings, etc. 

Pray that we can make a spiritual impact with our testimony in song. If you can assist us with this concert financially we would be most grateful!

Concert Production Costs $25,000 – 35,000