Music Video Production

Winter Filming Project & Stand-Alone Music Videos

This year we are thrilled to announce that we’ve released our newest Christmas CD, “Emmanuel”! This album release is especially exciting because in it are compiled our favorite songs from this year’s Christmas tour. Now, you can enjoy the concert experience over and over again, long after our final concert has been played. However, it doesn’t end there. Our goal now, is to film accompanying music videos for the timeless classics we’ve recorded so that you can enjoy them for years to come. As will all of our projects, we would lime to do more, to create more of the content that you love. In addition to large school projects, we would also love to take on smaller production as well. Our goal in the future, is to do up to five independent music video projects a year (meaning they do not include additional DVD’s and CD”s). This way, we can create and release new content with greater frequency and efficiency. However, with taking on such endeavors, there area always challenges. Equipment for filming, transportation and care for students, as well as production cost, are few of the concerns that we as a school must look into to make this all possible.

Music Videos
Music Videos

Estimated Production Cost: $25,000