Fountainview Academy


Fountainview is a training ground for a wide range of workers in God’s cause.  Students may go from here to a university, a trades program, or directly into the workforce as a Bible worker or a mechanic.  Our academic program has to meet the needs and requirements of students called by God to any of these paths. We embrace our unique academic program that has been carefully patterned after the principles found in the book “Education” by Ellen G. White. This means that we incorporate meaningful work into our schedule alongside time spent aiming towards academic achievements.
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Student Life

It is our ambition that Fountainview’s atmosphere provides a safe and peaceful environment where students can grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Although we are a mosaic of people from different cultures and backgrounds, we are an international body of Christians who strive together towards the highest calling: serving the Lord, wherever He may ask us to go.

At Fountainview Academy, Christian living, a desire to develop the faculties of the intellect and cultivating each student’s talents for the Lord are at the centre of our focus.


Vocational Program

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much” (Luke 16:10 KJV). When we learn to cheerfully perform the most menial, seemingly insignificant tasks, whether it be drying dishes in the cafeteria, pulling weeds in the carrot field, or scrubbing showers in the dorm, our characters are molded and shaped into ones that are ready to perform any task God entrusts us with.

Music Program

Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers exist to empower young people with tools and skills for music ministry and share the love of Jesus with the world. Each student at Fountainview Academy is involved in our music program and together we have performed all over Canada, the United States, Europe and around the world. We have also been blessed to film multiple music DVDs and had them broadcast worldwide via satellite.

It is our desire that our students will grow spiritually, not exclusively through study and prayer, but also by sharing. Through the lives of students, the truth can be revealed to the world.