Dallas Mowat, Board Chair

Dallas Mowat is a retired Civil Engineer. He started working as a project engineer with the Airforce after graduating from Royal Military College in 1965. His assignments were to various projects in extreme northern Canada and Germany. Dallas left the military to do graduate studies at U of C where he completed his MSc in Engineering. He then was employed in management positions with a concrete and aggregate company in Winnipeg and northern Manitoba. In 1973, he accepted a challenging position of managing a division for a consulting company in Vancouver, and then ultimately invested in manufacturing companies and managing them. With 5 children, he became involved with youth groups and teaching youth at the church. He enjoyed guiding many wilderness camp experiences for youth through Camp Hope, and often led Sabbath hikes for youth from the church. He enjoyed teaching youth in a wilderness setting. With a background in construction projects he was involved as chair person or engineer, at a number of church and school projects, with the most recent commercial construction project at Church in Valley. He values and supports Christian Education. He encourages youth to pursue studies that will lead to careers in areas of their interest as well as providing income to help others. Learning through work experience while attending school, is a model of education that he strongly supports.