Winter games night tomorrow night? I thought anxiously looking at the calendar, I have so much to do. I hope it’s good. Oh I of little faith…Despite the fact that not a single snowflake was spotted on what ironically was winter games night, the coordinators of winter games night hit all the bases with games focused on improving mental, physical, and social skills.

The Physical Aspect

As my team faced a line of shadowy, intense looking opponents, I shivered in the chilly light of the moon. “Ready? Rock, paper, scissors—Paper!” my team yelled while simultaneously the opposing team growled, “Scissors!” We dashed from them yelling and tripping over our own feet trying not to get tagged. This process was repeated several more times, supplying our bodies with unpolluted mountain oxygen and much needed exercise. With pink cheeks and bright eyes, we headed inside to continue more games.

The Mental Aspect

“What are we doing?” I was in the “executing” (aka “doing”) group who sat idly in the auditorium waiting for instructions. The students had been separated into 3 smaller groups, each of which had a specific job: to observe, to plan, and to execute.The observers job was to study the how the game commenced and share profound observations at the end of the game. The planners were in a separate room studying a blueprint of a wooden square concocted from many odd shapes. Finally, they had the job of communicating instructions to the executers, making sure that the blueprint was explained specifically and clearly. The executers had to glean all this information, then to put the correct pieces together based only on the planners’ descriptions. A pile of jumbled wood pieces were laid at our feet. Thanks to the specific details and instructions of the planners, we were able to recognize the pieces of the square and piece it together without much difficulty.

The Social Aspect

Rule #1: SILENCE. I glanced at my bag of brightly colored beads and read the slip of paper: 4 yellow, 5 red, 1 brown, 2 blue, and 1 pink. I was only 1 blue, brown, and green bead away from “winning” the game. This won’t be too hard, i grinned as the bartering of beads commenced. By the 5th round, however, I began having doubts as unmerciful “tax collectors” started floating around and snitching any beads they fancied. Audible protesting resulted in yet another harsh fine. The game ended when most players “died” unable to pay the tax. In the end, the game was revealed to have been rigged! Some people’s bag of beads were more generously filled than others giving them an unfair advantage. With this simulation game, we were able to visualize real life concepts. “It’s important to realize that in our first world countries, we are all relatively rich,” someone shared. “It’s also important to remember to share our what we have with those who don’t have the same advantages.”

Overall, Winter Games Night gave everyone a chance to stretch perspectives, get hearts pumping, and enjoy the best of company.

Madison T.
Grade 12