15 centimeters of fresh snow greeted us as we stepped off the buses at school following Christmas break. Refreshed, invigorated, and happy to be reunited with friends, we all got settled into the routine of daily school life.

This past Saturday night, we had Winter Games Night—a winter event that occurs annually at Fountainview. The weather this year was perfect for the occasion. After being split up into three groups we were dismissed to rotate between three different activities. Below are descriptions of each activity:

The World Trading Simulation

This game appealed to the more strategic minds and presented a model of world trade that really made one think. At the beginning of the game, we were all split up into groups of five or six people and then appointed a country. From there, each respective country was given different tools and commodities to use in the game. Each country’s objective was to produce paper products which could be sold to the world bank for a specific price according to each shape and dimensions. Each product would have go past the scrutinizing eye of the quality assurance manager at the bank. Whether it was increased demand for specific products or even a complete market crash, various twists and turns in the game made us think on our feet and adapt quickly. In addition to being incredibly fun, the trading game gave us new insight into the struggles of developing countries and ultimately left us thankful for the blessings that we have in more developed countries.

The Egg Drop

The egg drop is a classic engineering-geared activity in which one builds a structure made to house an egg which he or she drops from a predetermined height. The goal of the activity is to build a structure which will not only itself survive a ground impact following a significant drop but also protect the egg inside from the harmful affects of the aforementioned negative acceleration. With our resources only being 20 plastic straws and 30 cm. of tape, we set to work in groups of two to build our best representation of the perfect egg drop mechanism. Unfortunately, once the 30 minutes of build time elapsed and drop-time arrived, all but one group’s egg survived the landing. All in all, it was an immensely enjoyable experience to build something with a specific goal in mind. Any deficit achieved in this area was thus compensated for by the pleasure of watching egg after egg splat onto the ground below.

The Snow Scene

This last activity was quite simple—build a snow scene. Rules: Each group must build at least two snowmen—one of which must be built by someone who is blindfolded. Other than that, it was all under the umbrella of creativity, which not only stretched our imagination and sculpting skills to the utmost, but provided an awesome chance to work as one big group to achieve a common goal. By the end of this activity, a plethora of results were clearly evident out by the cafeteria lawn. One group went for a more patriotic vibe, building a snowman with the red, white, and blue of the USA. Another group constructed the Pyramids of Giza as well as a cute little sea turtle. Yet another group, with perhaps the most creative sculpture, created an impressive scene of two snowmen defending their land against a fearsome Chinese dragon.

This Winter Games Night was such a blessing! It was a great way to kick off the rest of the school year and will give us memories to look back on for years to come.