Excited chatter and smiling faces filled the buses as we headed down the road from Pemberton to the famous little ski village: Whistler. Hastily disembarking, we swarmed out, ready to explore the modern town we had heard so much about. With fliers in hand, we set off on in small groups to meet the locals and tourists to invite them to our concert. The sky seemed to smile down at us with its deep blue and grey face, contrasting sharply with the flaming red leaves that danced in our wake as we trudged across the cobbled streets. An hour later, we huddled behind stage waiting to see the fruits of our honest labour and God’s abundant blessings. Dozens of smiling people sat in the auditorium expectantly. The concert came and went and we soon found ourselves mingling with the guests before finally boarding the buses and heading back to school.

From my time participating in Fountainview’s music ministry, I’ve learned that the greatest blessing is received from sharing God’s love with others. I pray that our tour to Whistler and Pemberton was a joy to those who experienced our music. It certainly was a blessing to me!

Sienna W.
Grade 12