It’s been exactly one month since our last blog post. How terrible! Despite our neglect of the blog, life has continued on at Fountainview. This includes a nice spring break which ended a few days ago and the release of our newest DVD. This past month has definitely been action packed with lots of recording (choir and orchestra) and spring break in the middle. In addition, our 10th annual “Classical Concert” took place and was a huge success. Like usual, it was live streamed and recorded for friends and family to view at home. The video can be found below or on our YouTube page.

We have just released our newest DVD series entitled “God So Loved the World – Fall.” If you would like to purchase this new DVD (part 1 of a 4 part series), please visit A song preview can be found below as well.





Dissecting a deer for Mr. Rasmussen’s Health 12 class.