Fall Week of Prayer

September 12-17 2016

This poem was inspired by the week of prayer we recently had by our guest speaker, Lo-Ammi Richardson. It summarizes a dialog we’ve all had with ourselves and with God at some point in our lives – the constant battle with self and trusting in God through it all. The poem is entitled: “I Trust You”

When I doubt and don’t believe
I can’t believe I’m so deceived.
What’s wrong with this person I call ‘me’?
Lord, I trust you


I’ve tried and tried again,
Always hitting dead ends.
How do faith and works even blend?
Lord, I trust you


How quick, how slow?
Which way should I go?
There are dangers, I know.
Lord, I trust you


Through think and thin|
I know it’s cliché,
But you’re here to stay
So I trust you


What more can I do?
My faith is in you.
You’ve always stayed true.
And I trust you


So, why this constant cycle?
My spiritual highs and lows recycle.
I want to be your disciple.
Lord, I trust you


It’s more serious than song and rhyme
And I’m running out of time.
It’s steeper and deeper, this climb
But, I trust you


So now help me true
To myself and to you.
The struggle is real but so are you
And this is why I trust you.

Johanna Mosquera
Music Ministry