Confidence. Faithfulness. Dedicated service. Just a few words, yet each contains such a huge picture, just waiting for us to explore, experiment, and possess. Throughout the entire week of prayer, we were challenged with the lives of people who became all they could be through surrender, dependence, and active trust in God. Are we willing to consistently make the small, yet constant steps of putting our lives and our will into God’s hands to be used as He sees fit? The more time we spend with Him, the more we will see His faithfulness and trustworthiness. We will have a grounded confidence and faith in knowing and believing what our Father is capable of. What then will hold us back from giving Him our lives and our all? What will restrain us from dedicatedly serving Him? Will we go big in God, and allow Him to make us all that we can be?

Grace W.

Grade 12

Week of Prayer Sermons