I can easily say that in my two years as a student at Fountainview Academy, this was my favorite week of prayer. Dennis, our bubbly speaker from Germany, presented easy-to-follow and simple messages that resonated with everyone and stirred our hearts for the Lord. Whether it was bracing stories of his experiences as an EMT, analogies of yummy chocolate-chip cookies, or his years of high school; Dennis had us laughing, bonding, and drawing closer to Jesus. His happy, full-of-life, and Christ-centered personality had us captivated, and who could forget his accent?

The week’s meetings closed with a unique and motivating final appeal: Dennis asked for anyone who had been inspired, to commit a year of their lives to serving Christ in the mission field. Sitting in my chair, I contemplated the decision if I should go and sign my name on the board, promising to spend a year of my life serving others. I prayed and asked Jesus if He wanted me to go up or not, and slowly I could feel Him urging me to do so. Walking up to the board, in sight of the entire school, I made the pledge. I felt relieved and extremely happy inside, knowing God had impressed me to make the right decision. As we all knelt together and prayed, I could feel His presence. A true revival happened that week, and it was evident in everyone’s actions and faces.

Alex D.

Grade 12

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