The weekend of November three and four is also known as Blaylock training weekend here at Fountainview Academy. Thomas Blaylock, from the Northwest Institute of Voice, comes up to work with the orchestra and choir to help them reach their full potential. This year training started Saturday night, continued on through Sunday, and then ended at noon on Monday.

During the training hours, the orchestra and choir rehearsed their upcoming Christmas repertoire, including their all-time favorite, the Hallelujah Chorus. At what seemed like every other measure of music, Dr. Blaylock would stop either choir or orchestra to critique something and help them sing/play better. It was exhausting work, but by the end of the weekend the group was sounding much better.

The students were able to recuperate during their afternoon off. Daylight savings time was postponed to take effect Monday night so the kids could get an extra hour of sleep before their first day of school on Tuesday. Although it is tiring work, I think our listeners will be glad we did it.

Mason Neil
Grade 12