This summer, 44 students along with 16 staff members travelled to Europe to film a project based on the book The Great Controversy. With a focus on the role of the great reformers and the impact they had on fanning the flame of biblical truths, we travelled from Portugal to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and finally to Prague in the Czech Republic. We had an exciting and memorable time, singing, filming, experiencing Europe, and giving out over 800 Fountainview sampler DVDs!

From the day we started planning this project until the last day of our trip, we saw how God worked on our behalf to orchestrate everything from filming site permissions, to travel arrangements. Every day we experienced miracles that were tangible. A week before we left, a number of our filming sites were still up in the air as far as being confirmed. Two of our choices in Lisbon had fallen through and the third was pending two days before we left. I finally received confirmation for our third choice the day we left. The permission was signed by the President of Portugal!

While in Portugal I also got word that we had received permission to film at our sites in Geneva. What’s more, we didn’t need to pay the usual 10 swiss francs/square foot of space. Geneva would not have been possible without the help of the father of one of our Swiss students, because in order to film in Geneva the application has to be submitted by someone who is a citizen. In fact, in every city, God supplied us with someone who spoke the language and worked tirelessly for our project. Without these key people, our project would have been virtually impossible to pull off.

Now with the filming done, our media team is working hard to get the songs and discussions edited and ready for release in the spring of 2014. If you would like to see pictures, and a short project promotional video that was produced for the ASI conference in August, please visit our Fountainview Productions website:

A project like this is never possible without the support of those who attend our concerts and those who give financially to our ministry. Many thanks goes to ASI (USA) and ASI Europe for their generous support and, of course, to all of you who supported our project with your generous donations.

Michael Dunbar                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Executive Vice President

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Reformation Wall

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