Walking towards the famed “Big Slide,” I viewed the mountain as an easy challenge; I was ready. For the first several minutes I hiked alongside the lead pack, scrambling up the steep rocky mountainside. Eventually, however, I slowed down to an easy walk. The upward climb wasn’t as easy as when I first looked at it.

Finally I reached a point where I could see the vastness of the “Big Slide”. My eyes strained to see the end of the gravel field before me, it seemed to last forever. I made my way along a narrow trail cutting across the rock field and I met up with my friends. The excited chatter of famous “Big Slide” stories of old met my ear and my excitement mounted. Mr. Pasos gave a few words of instruction and warning and we were off, running, leaping, screaming, and sliding. Trails of dust marked our path as we literally flew down the slide.

On that day I learned something. in order to have real joy, you must strive to reach that goal. Philippians 3:14 states that we must “…press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”. I must strive to gain a deeper relationship with Jesus; and then, when Jesus finally comes in the clouds of glory, I will have reached the prize.

Edison Swartz
Grade 11

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