I still ask myself why I would pay money to go into a major city and run 10 kilometers in a crowd of almost 50,000 people. Those are things I try to avoid. No matter how practically I looked at it, I still had a burning desire to run a race and apparently I was not the only one.

On April 15, a group of 21 students and staff headed to Vancouver along with thousands of other people with the goal to run Canada’s largest 10k race. It was obvious that half the city was headed to the same place we were. Almost every person we saw on our way into the city was dressed in brightly colored running shoes, track pants, and a bib number. With nervousness and anticipation we stood in the crowded street and waited for twenty minutes after the first runners left the starting line before our group was sent on our way. More than half the crowd was behind us too. The clouds kept the sun off our backs, but it brought a mild wind for us to run against. As long as we kept up a good pace, we were warm.

The staff at Fountainview Academy strive to educate our students to develop an active, healthy lifestyle. Exercise is definitely a vital part of health. Running this race created motivation, determination and dedication to get outside and exercise. It was encouraging to see students consistently exercising in preparation for this race. The real excitement came after the race when many of our students and staff saw that they had beaten the goals they had set for themselves. Set a goal, you never know what might happen!

Ceri Christiansen
Wellness Coach