Student Life

Ever wonder who is the creative brain power behind all the fun campouts, family nights, outreach, recreation days, Sabbath activities, and weekend getaways? The answer would lie in the mighty hands of the Student Life team. Student Life is a team of dedicated staff members who plan and organize important events that take place throughout the year and make the student’s life more enjoyable and memorable. Not only do they contribute to the fun factors of our lives, but they also play an important role as a support team to each individual student’s need. Student Life consists mainly of deans who interacted with the students on a daily basis – encouraging, motivating, and mentoring. The Student life team truly cares about the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each student. What about the lives of the students? Outside of our academics and Career and Technical Development program, students are given a multitude of opportunities for recreation and interaction with fellow students. Some of these activities include hiking, backpacking, swimming, mountain biking, gym, ice-skating (winter), waterskiing/wake-boarding, cooking, and various other activities. Throughout the year, many other fun events are organized. These include Family Night, Practical Night, Festival of Rejoicing, Classical Concert, and Open House to name a few. Visit our Blog to find pictures and videos of our various events and activities.