Trudge, trudge, trudge. My weary legs struggled up the narrow trail to the well-beloved cabin. Twilight was already wrapping around the small group as we pushed toward our destination. Finally, cresting the seemingly endless hill, we clambered through the last portion and reached Stryen Cabin!

Hours later, tired and sleepy, we all slipped into bed. The girls slept in the smaller, inner cabin, while the guys bunked down on a few table beds overshadowed by a jungle of hammocks in the larger, outer cabin. Warm and comfortable in a hammock, I quickly fell asleep.

Awaking to a clouded mist of rain, Sabbath morning came. Breakfast consisted of an enormous pancake feed. After the last pancake had been fried and devoured, we sang hymns and then went outdoors to spend time in prayer and study. After that, we decided to take a stroll to a waterfall. As we started the “gentle walk” I soon realized this was an upward hike! The dripping rain combined with wet bushes graciously shared their touch and I became wet. Eventually, the droplets all around us became thicker and transformed to sleet, then to snow! The damp fir rainforest was becoming glorious. Large snowflakes graced fir and aspen trees making them picture-perfect. We posed for a picture in front of the waterfall that we had climbed to, and then, with snow still falling, we retraced our steps back down to the rain soaked forest.

Drying damp fleece jackets and soggy boots once back at the cabin, we started supper. The small stove quickly became burdened with kettles, skillets, and frying pans. Grilled cheese sandwiches kept flying off the skillet and fried tofu was everywhere! Each of us was having a splendid time, and then, someone bumped the stove pipe causing it to fall off!!! Smoke began billowing and the cabin became a FRENZY! Windows flew open, someone propped the door, another splashed water on the great bed of coals, and yet above all this, a calm individual announced that this was still ‘not an emergency!’ Soon, the fire had completely died, and everyone was able to recover from the episode. We crawled into our sleeping bags and slept till the morning.

Too quickly Sunday was upon us and the realization that we must leave the cabin and return to the usual of school life. We had experienced together an amazing weekend. But, what made it so fun and special? Was it the snow, the food, the hikes, or the great laughter? No, it was the people who we were able to enjoy it with. May we always hold these memories in our hearts as times when we spent time together with each other and our Creator.

Lance J.
Grade 12