It’s February, it’s cold, and it’s time to go camping! Stryen Cabin was having a group, and I had the opportunity to go. Friday came and we packed ourselves into two cars, all eleven of us. Arriving at the Mundall’s, we had a hiccup as one boy discovered that his parents had come to surprise him, and he was planning on being gone with us. As he arranged to return to the school, we were shown around the Mundall’s farm. Mr. Mundall showed all of us his honey operation; it tasted really good! Soon, we started to head up the trail. A little after noon, we arrived at the cabin. This is where the fun began!

Friday night, we cooked Asian noodles, and had a real blast. Sabbath morning we had pancakes, following which we had a great devotional time for the rest of the morning. Later in the afternoon, we all went together out into the snowy rock field and went to a cave. In the cave, we lit a fire and roasted hot dogs while we sang together. Eventually ice began to melt off the ceiling, so after about two hours, we went back to the cabin. By this point we had plenty of food left to eat, so we started making a feast. It was great! After a night of delicious camp cooking, we finally went to bed, dreading the hike down. When Sunday morning did come, it was very icy. We had to slide down most of the steep sections of trail, but ended up having an awful lot of fun. By the time we reached the cars, we were all pretty wet and tired. Despite this, the campout was a huge blessing and I will have many good memories to look back upon!

Jake S.
Grade 11



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