There was a looming bite of frost forecasted in the weather for the night. Four acres of squash were still needing to be harvested and with only 30 minutes of work time left, it seemed impossible. Seth, in slight desperation, emailed the staff with a request for “any volunteers that would be willing to help harvest squash after work”. When 4:30 rolled around, the various department supervisors began to appear in the fields: cafeteria, campus, accounting, office, custodial. Along with staff came staff families and children to help: cut the squash from the vines, centre them in a straight row, repeat, repeat, repeat. It wasn’t before long that there was an announcement heard over the PA system: would all students please make their way to the squash fields to help with harvest. Johanna had surrendered her much needed music period for this great need. Swarms of students came from the building, grabbed clippers, and began their work. 3 tractors pulling trailers with bins were making their rounds. A group would jump on the trailer while another group would frantically toss squash up to the moving bins. Again and again tractors would depart with bins full and return with a new deployment of empty bins ready to be filled. Supper seemed to arrive too quickly, but that didn’t stop a number of the team. Pushing through supper and on to darkness they persisted until the dire need was no longer dire. The task had been accomplished! With hearts full and hands embeded with thorns, everyone returned home. 

It was incredible to see the entire school working together toward one common goal. We saw the urgency because the frost was coming. We didn’t want to lose our entire crop, but it took all hands on deck to make the goal happen. In Matthew 9 verses 37 and 38, Jesus tells his disciples that the harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Do we understand that there is a “frost” coming? A huge field of souls is ready to be harvested, and unless we collaborate together with each other, and ultimately God, we will lose the harvest. The frost is coming faster than we think.
“Today, the same needs exist. The world is in need of workers who will labour as Christ did for the suffering and the sinful.”
Praise God for this opportunity to see the power in numbers and unity!
-Bailey M. Staff