“Spirit of the living God” was the cry that rang out—setting the aroma that would permeate the rest of the week. As we came daily to break the bread of life, God began showing us what it was to truly have life. Sure, we all know that God is the author of life, but sometimes in the cares of this world we forget what it is to connect to the Author of life.

The week of prayer speaker didn’t come to us with extravagant words of wisdom; instead, he simply broke open the Word and we had a feast. It was simple, clear, and obvious what God needed to do in our lives individually. God was pleading with us to forsake the cares of this world, surrender self, and seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.
Without a doubt, I know that it is time for each of us, individually, to be real with ourselves and poor out our hearts to God. May our prayer be: “Break me, melt me, mold me, and fill me.” We hear so much; we know so much; yet, we experience so little.

With hearts changing and minds seeking God, our week closed—knowing that Jesus would forever be worthy to be called our Savior.
“Wonderful, merciful Savior, You are the one that we praise, You are the One that are hearts always hunger for.”

Bailey S.
Grade 12

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