Absent-mindedly thumbing through the worn pages of my red bible, I flipped to the verse that had been mentioned. Although I knew that I should be paying attention to our Week Of Prayer Speaker, I just couldn’t bring myself to focus—too many other thoughts were fighting to gain control of my mind. But as soon as Justin Kim finished reading the verse, something pierced through my distracted haze: “We cannot afford to let ourselves become distracted by pointless and petty things that will keep us from our goals,” he inserted boldly. My eyes widened; now that had caught my attention.

I think that all of Fountainview Academy will agree with me when I say that Justin Kim was a phenomenal speaker. Not only had he managed to win over our attention (which is no easy feat in itself) but he also gained our respect and appreciation. Early on, I realized that this was a man who knew the definition of Godly leadership and practiced it constantly. His down to earth and hilarious narrations always kept us eager for more insights, while he was also able to touch deeper than just the surface and leave a lasting impact on us.

Our Spring Week Of Prayer Speaker led us step by step through the stories of Nehemiah and Elijah: two biblical characters who might not always be associated with leadership. Yet his practical and logical outlook seemed to help everything fall into place perfectly. Simply put, God used him in an astounding way. One thing that I will always remember was his challenge toward us students. He encouraged us to not settle for the status quo, but to break all previous presumptions made about our generation. We can be leaders—all of us. We can be modern-day Nehemiah’s and Elijah’s. God is waiting to use us in powerful ways, all we need to do is step up to the plate and say, “Here I am, Lord.”

~ Lian Nakamura – Grade 11