With mixed feelings I thought about our upcoming tour.  Spending two and a half weeks on church floors and in school gyms every night didn’t sound very comfortable. But I packed up and headed off on this great adventure. Many of us flew into Atlanta, GA to join up with the Fountainview buses, while others rode with Fountainview all the way across the country. Once we joined together, both the fun and the work began in earnest. 

With fourteen concerts ahead of us and having just been on spring break, we had some practicing to do. Our first day we practiced in the morning and then launched into our seventeen day tour. Every day we would arrive at a different hall and rehearse for about an hour, followed by supper. After supper everyone had to get in uniform and start welcoming people. 

The trip flew by!  With a few days off we had fun sightseeing places such as Mt. Rushmore and Washington DC.  We also had a blast getting wet at an amazing waterpark in Rapid City. 

I had an amazing time getting closer to my fellow students, friends, and God. It was a huge blessing to be able to go and connect with people after the concerts. I hope they were as blessed by our conversations as I was. 

I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of this tour and it turned out that sleeping on the floor was just a big part of our experience getting to know each other better.

Gillian J.

Grade 11


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