Time for adventure. Dotting the orchard floor, dandelions teased the ankles of the energetic students. Few, however, anticipated that they’d soon be chewing on the lively weeds. Spring Picnic 2016 had begun. Enhanced with giant Jenga, tightropes, volleyball, and hammocks, the orchard became the central hub of activity. Laughter and singing filled the air; students swung from tree branches, and some even made use of the prematurely fallen apricots to observe the effects of projectile motion. Soaking up the sunshine, I couldn’t help but think of the curious instructions from Mr. James’ previously released email: “Bring your camera.” Before long, though, the campus truck pulled up with a wonderful distraction: burgers, buns, salads, and watermelon. Tables were set, and everyone was soon enjoying the bursting flavors of the picnic meal. Satisfied and happy, we gathered together for song service and worship.

But the evening was not yet complete. For the very first time (ever) in the history of Fountainview Academy, staff and students would be participating in the creation of (drum roll, please) “The 2-minute Adventure!” Groups were assigned a stuffed animal mascot, and with dedicated teamwork and creativity, each group would present a two minute video at the end of the evening documenting their activities. The results? Everything from quad-copter aerial shots, rooftop vantage points, guys’ dorm renovations with flowers, the touching tale of a stuffed turtle and his untimely passing, widespread wild edible consumption (dandelions!), biking off a ramp into the pond, and so much more.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV). Spring has sprung here at Fountainview, and as we savor the final weeks of this school year, we are reminded to make the most of every moment, living life to the fullest. As experienced during Spring Picnic and with the “2-minute Adventure,” there’s nothing like making memories and—even better—sharing them.

Karissa H.
Grade 11