We were lucky to have a beautiful, hot, sunny day for the Spring Picnic this year. The heat was very high and likewise, so was the temptation to have a water fight. At each spring picnic, there are different group games that students and staff can do together. One of the games that had been provided for us to play was a type of team volleyball using tarps as ‘catchers’ and water balloons in place of the volleyballs. It wasn’t long before the ‘volley balls’ were being launched as missiles towards a few unsuspecting people.  No one minded getting wet, and after a short skirmish involving a few staff and students pretty much everyone had gotten wet. After about an hour of water soaked fun and socializing, it was time for supper. The food was scrumptious and had been freshly prepared by the campus staff that same day. As soon as supper was over, we were instructed to divide into teams to take part in a group challenge game. This challenge game was a campus-wide treasure hunt. Each group had to go all over the campus searching for clues and completing various tasks at each station. It was a fun time for each person involved. We wrote poems and songs for different staff families, made a sign out of rocks for one staff home, and each person was able to put their hand print on a large sheet of wood. As soon as each group had found their last clue, we all gathered back in the apricot orchard for worship. There, under the rustling leaves in the cool summer dusk, Pastor Lemon shared with us a spiritual thought. As a senior, this is the last spring picnic that I will attend as a student. I will definitely miss fun events like this. It’s these times when good memories are made and when the staff and students come together like a family.

Sierra B.
Grade 12


Water fight!


Mr. Lemon sharing a worship thought.


Rope challenge

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