Before I knew it, a sign was posted on the bulletin board in the stairwell. It brought back many good memories of spontaneous music performances. Festival of Rejoicing was this coming Sabbath evening, and for me, that was just over two days away. Playing in a group would be inevitable for me, being a pianist. Soon, many practices later, it was time for the festival to start. The evening was filled with deeply encouraging songs, as well as songs that I couldn’t help but chuckle. It was a night of meaning and of laughter, a night of solemnity and excitement.

One thing that really spiced it up was spontaneous submissions. Groups like the sophomore class or everyone with a birthday between June and August kept every person on the edge of their seat. Even though music was the most common submission, there were also many poems and stories, making for an amazing night. I can say with all my heart that this night was an immense blessing! We thank God for giving us music as a tool to praise Him!

Grant S.
Grade 11