Texas Creek:

Frantically stuffing the remainder of my gear into my pack, I hoped and prayed it wouldn’t burst open as it was heavily overweight. “Did I remember everything?” I asked myself. Glancing around, I noticed my neglected flashlight and as I rushed out the door I stashed it in my pocket.

After a quick breakfast of granola, we loaded the bus for Texas creek. During the ride there I prepared myself to hike the 9 km to the advanced campsite. I felt like we were sprinting the whole way up the mountain. I collapsed with my pack just as we reached our small shelter that ould be our home for the next three days, set beautifully amongst the mountains. Little did I know that we would spend most of our campout cooking and fetching clean water.

On Sabbath, we had worship with the intermediate group that was just down the road from us and went on several different hikes, some more dangerous and risky than others. Towards the end of the weekend, we were almost out of food and had to improvise and make breakfast with some interesting ingredients.

Hiking back down to the road from the campsite seemed to take forever as we were all exhausted, but when we saw the bus arrive to take us home to school we were thrilled. It was a great experience and I got to spend time with people with whom I normally didn’t.

-Josh T., Grade 11

Carol Lake:

Resigned, I scraped the black crust out of my pan- this something I had intended to call a pancake. It looked more like an undefinable blend of burnt coals. A quiet chuckle escaped my lips: here we were, a handful of so-called campers sitting around a meagre campfire, freezing and cooking black pancakes.

But soon enough the sun showed its warm beauty, and our spirits rose. Filled with energy we were ready to start a wonderful weekend in Canada’s beautiful nature. We had pitched our tents near a lovely little lake, surrounded by deep woods and majestic mountains.

Our time there was filled with adventure: we had a treasure hunt through the underbrush, we went canoeing on a close-by lake and had fun swimming—the chilly water was a welcome refreshment after long hours of tanning in the warm sunshine.

But the weekend also had a relaxed side. We had lots of time to just rest and take some moments to unwind. Meaningful devotionals and personal time with God made the experience even richer. We had the chance to share how God was working in our lives, and the others were encouraged by the stories of others.

During that weekend at beautiful Carol Lake, we didn’t only bond with one another, but also with our heavenly Saviour.

-Jana H., Grade 10