We are the Sophomore class of 2016 at Fountainview Academy, bound for our campout at Stryen Cabin. We began our legendary adventure on Friday morning. Dropped off by our amazing president, Mr. Dunbar, we put our energy into conquering the mountain one step at a time and made it up in a record time of less than 2 hours.

Friday afternoon was a blur of fun: hanging out in the cabin or out in the woods and learning how to fell trees and saw up logs. Personally, I found it very exciting! It was the first time I had used a chain saw, and from my perspective, any type of physical work is fun.

Friday night we fellowshipped around the campfire and enjoyed songs. My fellow classmates led worship before we sang the Sabbath song and headed off to bed.

Sabbath morning I was awakened by the noisy shouts of hungry boys as they prepared breakfast. Sabbath was lots of fun! We had church and then played Waldensian’s, a traditional Fountainview activity in which the Christian’s hide within the bolder field outside the cabin and the Romans search for them. After an hour of hiding, I slowly stretched my legs and attempted to bring back circulation so that I could crawl out of my tiny cave.

Another highlight for me was cooking over the campfire. Working out how to cook healthy food over an open flame was a challenge that made the whole experience even more enriching. Sunday brought us to the sad realization that we had to leave our wonderful wilderness haven and descend back down the mountain to ordinary school life.

Overall, I believe our class has become stronger from the experience. Stryen Cabin will always have a soft spot in my heart!

Elisabeth V.
Grade 10