4:00 am
I awake to the shriek of my alarm and the chatter of happy voices. Its ski day and after weeks of anticipation, as well as a makeup day of school, we are finally on our way.

4:50 am
Time to load the bus. Sleepily, we climb the steps and slump into seats clad in coats and boots. After a short worship, some drift off to sleep while others stare out the window.

8:00 am
Finally, we have arrived! Now wide awake and hyper, students file off the bus and run to grab skis, boots, and boards. The slopes are white and the clouds threatening. Will it rain?

1:00 pm
Soaking wet and cold right down to our toes, we tramp into the lodge, shaking snow off our boots and sniffing appreciatively of the wonderful aromas filling the air. Itʼs time for lunch! Collapsing into chairs, we slowly warm as we devour delicious food, made all the more sweet by conversation and fellowship. Itʼs not very long before we have strapped our boots back on and hit the slopes again. Cold rain is slowly melting the powder on the hills but, despite the bad weather, ski fanatics whiz down the hill.

4:30 pm
After a day on the slopes, itʼs time to pack up and leave. I wearily climb the bus steps, my legs the consistency of jello. Another ski day with Fountainview has passed. We thank God that there are no major injuries and I look forward to the next ski day with my friends.

Grade 11