It’s 4:30 am! Hastily my roommate and I hop out of bed to start a day that we’ve been looking forward to for the whole year! Ski Day! Once in the bus we started our 3 hour drive to Mount Timothy. As we got closer the trees bent more and more from the heavy load of snow. It was like driving through a winter wonderland. When the bus finally came to a halt, my adrenaline level rose to 100 %. Jumping out of the bus we sprinted to the ski rental, greeted by a long line for rentals. Once we got our skies we raced to the lifts, starting our way up the mountain. The icy winds froze our faces, but having so much fun, we barely noticed. Time flew by, and at 12 o’clock, a delicious warm meal awaited us in the lounge. I barely finished my first bite when the thought of skiing called me out to the runs again. Everywhere you could see skiers and snowboarders racing down the hill. Looking at my watch I realized that we only had an hour left, time seemed to fly. Making it our goal to get as many runs in as possible before the lifts would close, we hurried up and down the mountain. At 4 o’clock we took a group picture in the snow and then began our ride back to Fountainview. It was an amazing day, a day that none of us will ever forget!

-Corinna R. – Grade 12