We were tired.

Tired of looking like bee stings gone bad. Tired of eating wild green things. Tired of sleeping in a pile of sticks and leaves. The seniors of previous eras had told us how senior survival was a highlight of their time at Fountainview, and even described it as a “blast.” Now as we clustered around the campfire like bugs to a smoke detector, we wondered just what was in their pot of wild green things. But despite this extreme lethargy, it was great. The sun warmed our campsite from 12:00 to 3:00 every day, persuading many of us into impromptu naps in the dirt. Due to either extreme hunger or honesty, most of us were forced to an admittance. Aside from the unidentifiable floaties, and the plants unaccustomed to being tender for anyone, the Bush Stew was actually palatable. The shaggy mane mushrooms were a delightfully nontoxic addition,  and as for the greenery in the stew, it was, well,—how shall I say it—nutritious?

I’m sure this glowing report has given you an unquenchable desire to boil your lawn in bullion, sleep in a heap of sticks and leaves, and search for hips on your roses. Allow me to add a “don’t try this at home.” If you attempt this, consider doing so in the wild where nothing but the large bugs sharing your shelter need be appalled by your hygiene (or lack thereof). Neighbors and reputations are worth preserving. I for one, have decided to never get lost.

I always believe in looking on the bright side of things, so aside from the afore mentioned aspects, the trip worked wonders on our class. No, I’m not talking about the greasy hair or optimistic pessimism….I mean the way it made us one. There’s nothing like dumping us in the bush with our few un-confiscated granola bars to make us be friendly with one another. This experience has prepared us for a year of mutual cooperation as a class. We can be strengthened by our diversity. Our class is indeed a body…maybe not everyone feels up to turning a trash bag of weeds into supper or building a fire that makes your knees feel like the surface of the sun. We rely on the cooks and pyromaniacs among us to do that. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a role as well, and if it wasn’t for each one of us doing what we could, our weekend may have had a different outcome. Good thing God specializes in being strong in weakness, because there was an awful lot of weakness going around.

When we slumped off the bus Sunday afternoon, our words to the wondering sophomores and juniors told it all:

“We survived.”

Emilie M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Grade 12


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