There we sat, packed atop each other on Goldilocks’ leather seats. Excitement was in the air, being thrown about like confetti through every anxious glance. Each turn in the road brought us closer and closer to the edges of our seats. Fountainview classics rang throughout the bus as we patiently awaited our arrival at our destination. The mountain’s cascading peaks were growing more inviting by the minute, and before we knew it we were standing at it’s base. We readied and steadied ourselves, paused as Mr. James lead us in an expressive prayer, and just like that, we started on our way. Everyone took on this new adventure at their own pace, some with a skip and some with a dash. Voices rang out with a  song of joyful cheer. No matter which way you turned, you couldn’t escape the peaceful majesty that enveloped the mountain. As we slowly ascended the mountain, the view grew more and more spectacular. Clouds slip softly past us on every side, the wind blowing us a quiet whisper.

Rain started to fall so we sought shelter throughout the luscious trees of the mossy forest. Some of our group sought an escape from the rain in the welcoming warmth of the cabin that sat at on the top of the mountain. The pitter patter of the rain became a blessing, helping us keep pace. As we drew closer to the end of our endeavor, I stopped to take a moment and appreciate my surroundings. A cheerful chatter was being expressed punctuated by the huffs and puffs the hike provided. Everywhere you looked smiles spread across happy faces. Encouragement was exchanged like presents on Christmas morning. Reaching the end of our challenging ascent, we were greeted by the most glorious view of the valley. A chorus of relief rang out, We had made it.

Jessica P.
Grade 10