Social Studies Department

It is our desire that the students find in history a description of God’s working with man. The study of societies and cultures also aids in understanding others with a view to sharing the gospel with them. The curriculum of the Social Science courses is distinctly Canadian, although other aspects of world affairs are also incorporated.

Social Studies 10
This course covers society and culture, politics and law, ecology and technology, and the environment in British North America and Canada from 1815 to 1914, with emphasis on political changes created by rebellions, the creation of Confederation, the development of the West and the impact of European immigration on native inhabitants and the environment. Students will be expected to learn research, organizational and writing/reporting skills.

Social Studies 11
This course covers the history of Canada in the 20th century and the development of Canada’s political and legal systems. Particular Canadian and global geographic concerns such as pollution, world famine and urbanization are discussed. As well, important issues from the past and from current events are covered, such as separatism and social concerns.

Church History 12 – Apostolic to Advent Movements
This course examines the history and teachings of the Christian Church from the time of the apostles to the Reformation, and Millerite/Advent Movements with special focus on the foundational doctrines of these movements that lead to the development of the Adventist Church.


Mary Corrigan

Mary Corrigan