On February 2nd students participated in an event we call “Practical Night.” On practical night, students are given various options and can spend the evening with knowledgeable staff members learning practical skills that are useful and often necessary in everyday life. A few weeks before practical night arrives, sign-up sheets of possible options are posted for students to choose what they want to learn about. This year’s options encompassed a wide variety of interests and included topics like welding, car maintenance, wood-working, running small businesses, and how to manage personal finances. Those with a desire to learn how to cook had the option of spending the evening with Mr. Roque making his famous spring-rolls, or with Mrs. Cleveland, learning the art of cake decorating, or with me (Ceri) doing a raw food “cooking” class.  Another option involved learning some basic first aid skills, including evaluating a hazard scene, what to look for if a person is unconscious, responding to someone who is choking, and CPR. Firefighting, making homemade tofu, and glass etching, rounded out the list of the 12 possible options. So, what would you have chosen?