Finally it was practical night! A great opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone. Bombarded by various tempting options, I finally decided to do some woodwork. It was a hard choice, as the other options like firefighting, making egg-rolls, muffins and others were all either mouth-watering or pure fun. The hour arrived, and eighty eager students rushed to their destinations for the night. Layered in my winter gear, I braved the harsh Canadian wind and went to the shop to begin our project. Instead of building something for ourselves we decided to build a dining table for a staff family. Salvaging old pieces of wood and using ancient machinery we crafted a table top that was built to last. Blessed, by the opportunity to give, our practical night was a blast. Later we sampled some of the scrumptious food that had been prepared in other groups and ended practical night having learned valuable skills and values.

– Josh T. Grade 11