Excitement spilled out of the windows of the usually dark school building. Enthusiasm pumped its way throughout the science lab as we walked in and discovered boxes of heart-filled, vacuum sealed bags containing various anatomical parts previously belonging to the likes of sheep, cows, and even pigs… We “scrubbed up” pulling on yellow isolation gowns and latex gloves, anticipation growing with each passing second. The tweezers, scissors, scalpels, and hemostat clamps on each of our trays seemed to shine with a special expectation. Each team was given a pig eyeball and a cow eyeball and after a brief overview of the eye and all its major parts, we were given the okay to break open our “sterile” scalpels and remove the cornea from our specimens. As the scalpel broke through the not-as-delicate-as-I-had-originally-thought cornea, a clear jelly like substance spilled from the inside. Upon scraping the insides out, the likeness of an abalone shell shone from behind. The eye is a beautiful and intricately designed structure. The fact that we wake up every morning and open our eyes, oblivious to everything that has to work in order for us to see properly, is beyond comprehension… That fact that we can see, is a miracle!

The heart came next. We were each given one of several different lamb hearts. The heart that we received happened to belong to a none-too-healthy lamb showcased by the fat surrounding the heart. Being able to open and see the arteries, veins, and different compartments of the heart really made me realize, on a deeper level, what an artist God is. The power that a fist-sized muscle can put out on a momentary basis is absolutely incredible!

At the end of the night, we left the room with a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the heart and a deeper appreciation for the awesome Creator that we serve.

Caleigh T.
Grade 12



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