Excitement hung over the auditorium while groups of students excitedly chattered about the activities that were about to commence. We awaited the announcement of our distribution to the various practical night activity options with anticipation. I stood there, knitting bag in hand, extremely excited to expand my knowledge of the subject while visiting and hanging out with the rest of my small group. Others around me also stood waiting, excited for the numerous activities that were about to kick off. Some of us were going to develop knowledge of photography with a personal lesson from Jerick Arceo, while others were greatly looking forward to dunking egg rolls into boiling oil, frying them to a crisp and then devouring the tasty morsels. Many other activities were offered: building a collapsible kayak, making tofu, subjecting glassware to acid in the glass etching group, and many more.

I particularly enjoyed the activity I participated in. While all of the activities were exciting and fun, I enjoyed my evening chatting and knitting with my group. Learning and spending time with other students and staff is such a blessing. Taking a break from our busy days to gain new skills and get to know each other better is something most important. Growing as a student family and learning together has been one of the highlights of my year.

Rebekah W.

Grade 12

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