It was a relaxing morning—that is, if you can call breakfast being served fifteen minutes later than usual a relaxed schedule. You could sense the lack of tension in the air. We knew we didn’t have to be ready for class. After breakfast and a generous amount of time allotted for packing, we loaded the buses and headed south. This was outreach weekend. After a 2.5 hour ride and a picnic lunch, we were briefed for our mission. Armed with Fountainview DVD’s and fueled by prayers we descended on the town two by two like an army of disciples. Friday and Sabbath afternoon was designated for door to door outreach; Sabbath morning we fellowshipped with the church in Mission, BC. For those of us who were not as keen on door to door ministry, a practical help outreach opportunity was granted. Sunday morning, we pulled into the Adventist campgrounds on the outskirts of the town of Hope. The grounds had been severely devastated by an ice storm several months before. Branches and dead trees lay scattered as far as the eye could see. Many volunteers had assisted in the camp clean-up since the storm, and much had been restored by the time we visited to assist with the final push. Minutes after we arrived, chainsaws roared to life, slicing through tangled piles of brush. Students, like ants, swarmed with willing hands to remove the fallen debris. Though we worked for three hours, it seemed like only a few minutes had passed before we gathered for lunch. With a delicious meal filling our bellies we raced to the capstone of the weekend: the last concert of the year, and for the seniors the last concert ever.  Afterwards, satisfied yet exhausted we piled into the buses and settled down for the drive back to school. We arrived on campus grateful for our safe return and thankful for the opportunity to serve.


Luke S. (Grade 12) and Kristi J. (Grade 11)










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