There’s something special about the sparkle of Christmas lights. The warm glow casts an ambiance around the room they occupy, searching for the eyes of those who will reflect their sparkle.

Well, they found plenty of eyes this past weekend.

Open House is a special and exciting time of year, where us students all get together and decorate our dorms, then show them off to the rest of the campus community. The lobbies are transformed into brilliant wonderlands, and the halls mirror the creativity and personalities of those who live in them. Pinterest-worthy pinecones, hung into garlands and finished with twine bows spruce up one hall, while tree boughs hang from the ceiling of another, creating a Christmasy “jungle.” Every one is unique, providing a beautiful gateway into the spic-and-span rooms of the excited youth.

First, we went down to the cafeteria, where the simple, tiled room had been transformed into a whimsical, rustic Christmas forest. We sat down at the tables with “our” staff families, and enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Ceri and her team of helpers. Mr. James then announced that the girls had a ten minute head-start to do the last preparations on their rooms. We all scurried to Mr. James’ yellow bus, boarded, and rode up to the main girls’ dorm.

People started flooding through the doors, and told each one of us different aspects of our rooms that they liked. We then made our way to Whistling Winds and finally to the boys’ dorm. It was interesting to see each person’s idea of personal space, and fascinating to enter into their created “worlds.” But the best surprise was yet to come; for as we were all about to leave the boys’ dorm and go clean up the cafeteria, the boys lined up on the banister above their lobby, and sang “In the Bleak Midwinter.” Filled with the sense that our evening had ended just perfectly, we said our goodbyes and headed down to clean up the kitchen. As we made our way back to our rooms, and as the last sparkling light went out, we noticed how warm each room was. Yes; they had been warmed by the hearts of friends that sparkle and shine brighter than any strand of Christmas lights ever could.

Emily Traversy

Grade 12