Laughter rippled through the cafeteria as students sauntered towards their designated staff families’ tables. Delectable smells wafted from the kitchen, causing many a mouth to water at the thought of the scrumptious meal about to be enjoyed. After devouring the delicious dinner, we girls departed to the dorm to add a few finishing touches to our rooms while the boys swiftly started clean-up.

Soon, the girls’ dorm was filled with a cacophonous blend of chatter, music, and friendly banter as the boys descended upon our humble abode. Exclamations of approval and peals of laughter floated from room to room as each explored the other’s dwelling. The merriment continued as the group drifted to Whistling Winds and then onto the guys’ dorm.


            As each made their way back to their own dorms after the festivities, many reflected back on Mr. James’ worship talk just hours before. He had challenged us to invite Jesus to walk with us—not just that night but every day. In doing so, He will transform our lives, and we will display His character to those around us through the way we talk, think, and act. He challenged us to not only open our earthly homes but our hearts to Him.

Natalie F.
Grade 11