The air was full of Christmas. Blissful music was playing in the back ground; and you could smell the scent of freshly baked cookies and feel the cozy Christmas atmosphere that wakens sweet memories. Everybody was looking forward to the good Christmas Dinner that was being prepared at the cafeteria. As we headed down towards the cafe our breaths froze in the chilly fresh air. The wonderful Christmas dinner gave us a warm feeling inside. After a contemplative program with a Christmas Story, the excitement grew as we started off to see the dorms.

Soon the Girls Dorm was filled with cheerful laughter. Big green trees had been brought to the Dorms a few days before, and now they had shiny lights, snowy pine cones and glittering snowflakes decorating their branches. “Aw”s and “ooh”s where heard everywhere, as we went through the halls and marvelled at the carefully cleaned and decorated rooms. Each one revealed a little of the students personality. Sparkling lights and tasty snacks proved that everything had been prepared with much love.

After we had seen all the rooms we went to Whistling Winds. No less beautiful rooms were waiting for us there, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We all had been looking forward to this day, and now that it was here it was even better than we imagined!

The buses came and we hopped on to go to the Guys Dorm. There as well we had an awesome time visiting the different halls and rooms and chatting with friends. After that everyone sat down in the lobby, the guys sang “Silent Night” and “We wish you a merry Christmas” ; – suddenly it started raining candies from the second floor where all the guys were singing. They had great fun throwing them at us! Too soon it was time to go back to our own dorms. As we walked home in that starry night, we were all happy and thanked God for this awesome day.

– Jana H. Grade 10