Each August starts our yearly cycle of student activity: arrival, registration, and the annual first campout. It is exciting to see the “old” faces returning, and the “newbies” finding their way through the maze of first days activities. It is a chance for new beginnings for both the old and new students alike. Throughout those first days, I have had the chance to talk with, and get to know, many of our students and have been blessed and encouraged by their enthusiasm for being here. Even more than that, I have been impressed with their sincere desire to grow in their walk with God. There is a clear unity among the students and staff that, to me, gives evidence that God’s spirit is working on our campus. The returning students have made a significant effort to reach out to the new kids and encourage them through the first few days of being so far away from home. Our deans are strong and focused on serving the needs of our students, and the students are noticing it.

Our year has started with a strong emphasis on each student growing their personal relationship with God. With the support of every staff member and through various activities and programs, it is our goal to foster that growth according to the needs of each and every student.

At times we have wondered how God would lead us through some of the challenging times we have faced. We have moved forward in faith, and He has provided for our needs, just as He has promised in Philippians 4:19.

We continually need your prayers and your financial support for our ministry, but rest assured that God is working in a mighty way on our campus. We are excited about the year ahead as we place our trust in Him.

Michael Dunbar                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Executive Vice President