About Us

Who Are We?

Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers, located in British Columbia, is a group of young people who have dedicated our musical talents to spreading the Gospel. Every student at Fountainview takes part in our music. We have performed concerts all over the United States and Canada with our orchestra and singers and have filmed our music in a variety of settings. We are also blessed with the privilege of sharing our productions and some of our live concerts worldwide via television.

What Makes Our Music Different?

Our music is unique because it serves the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Christ’s infinite love and soon coming to those who need to hear it. In addition, our music is orchestrated or arranged by our own students.  Our concerts and a number of our productions include personal testimonies by young people. The combination of music and testimonies has blessed many listeners and blessed us as we see how God has worked through our music.


When and Where Do We Perform?

Every school year we embark on music tours that take us to a number of  states along the west coast, as well as southern British Columbia. We perform in churches, concert halls, and a variety of other venues. Please visit our “Upcoming Concerts” page to see a schedule of our upcoming concerts. If you are interested in booking a concert in your area, please visit the “Book a Concert” page.